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Abrasive Brushes

Abrasive brush products in various designs for use in automatic machinery and equipment such as CNC machining centers, robotic, machinery, hand tools.
  • Bore Brushes CeramiX Bore Brushes CeramiX
    The cross hole bore brush is designed for automated use to remove burrs from internal edges and finishing bores. CeramiX contains 3M Company 321 mineral grain that provides enhanced cutting action 3 to 5 times greater than traditional abrasive filaments.
  • Copper Center  Silicon Carbide, CeramiX  Copper Center Silicon Carbide, CeramiX
    Our Copper Center Wheels have a small profile for cleaning, polishing and deburring recessed areas such as small openings, slots, machined grooves, fine deburring on medical instruments and gear splines. The CeramiX® Copper Center Brushes feature a 3M mineral grain which provides enhanced cutting action up to 3-5 times greater than traditional abrasive filaments. The grain fractures in sharper, jagged surfaces for superior abrasion performance - providing minimum cycle times, increased productivity and maximizes abrasive media on part. The Stem Mount Narrow Face Wheel Brushes are also available in silicon carbide. These brushes are manufactured using nylon embedded with this traditional grit. Silicon carbide is known for its durability, is widely used in many industrial applications and is preferred for finishing ferrous metals.
  • Wheel Brushes Abrasive Wheel Brushes Abrasive
    Abrasive nylon wheel brushes are made using nylon filament impregnated with a Abrasive grit. They provides a consistent finish with controlled surface abrading action and has less filament breakage than wire brushes. Short Trim, Long Trim, Narrow Face, Stem Mounted, Wide Face, Brushes
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