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Abrasives Grinding and Sanding

Supplier of Spiral Bands, Abrasive Belts, Cartridge Rolls, Cbn Wheels, Cone Points, Cross & Square Pads, Cut Off Wheels, Diamond Wheels, Flap Discs, Grinding Wheels, Laminated Quick Change Discs, Mounted Points,Surface Conditioning Quick Change Discs, PSA Discs, Screen Cloth Discs and Sheets, Flap Wheels, Stripper Discs, Overlap & Slotted Discs, Rolls, Sanding Stars, Sheets, Slashed Assemblies, Sanding Sponges

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  • Abrasive Flap Wheels Abrasive Flap Wheels
    An extensive selection of ready to ship Premium quality Abrasive flap wheels are for use in die grinders, flexible shaft tools and high speed portable drills. These flap wheels are designed for use on many different materials. Examples include, metals ferrous and non-ferrous, fiber glass, plastics, wood and rubber. Mounted flap wheels produce a uniform, consistent finish. Huge cost saving and fast delivery. Pay less and get more what a concept, Distributor Inquires welcome
  • Abrasive Flap Discs Abrasive Flap Discs
    Flap discs blend and finish in one operation which replaces the traditional two- step grinding process of T27 grinding wheels and sanding discs. Engineered for full use of the coated abrasive material. Layering the abrasive cloth flaps allows the discs to wear evenly which constantly exposes new sharp grain.
  • Abrasive Quick Change Disc, Roll On, Turn On Abrasive Quick Change Disc, Roll On, Turn On
    Abrasive Roll on and Turn on Disc Use USA developed, automated spin-weld attachment process for fast and secure fastening. Ceramic, Zirconia, Aluminum Oxide, Surface Conditioning abrasives for all finishing requirements. Free Shipping in the USA
  • Abrasive Surface Conditioning Products Abrasive Surface Conditioning Products
    Abrasive Surface Conditioning material utilizes a substrate base (nylon fiber), a resin bond (phenolic or polyurethane) and abrasive grain (aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, alumina silicate). The fiber and resin are fully waterproof so the product can be used wet or dry. The structure is extremely open so that the product resists loading and runs cool compared to coated abrasives
  • Abrasive Overlap and Slotted Discs with Mandrels Abrasive Overlap and Slotted Discs with Mandrels
    Abrasive Overlap Discs are generally made with aluminum oxide clother. Used for I.D. grinding to clean, blend, polish and debur steel, rubber, plastic and composites. Abrasive Slotted Discs are aluminum oxide resin bond cloth designed for deburring, finishing or polishing. Can be made with other materials.
  • Abrasive Rolls Abrasive Rolls
    Abrasive Rolls,Resin and Utility Cloth, Cleaning and Finishing Rolls, Screen Cloth Rolls, Shop Rolls-Premium, Shop Rolls-Economy,PSA Cloth
  • Abrasive Spiral Bands Abrasive Spiral Bands
    Aluminum Oxide, Silicon Carbide or Zirconia materials are used for sanding and finishing of curved and contoured surfaces. Used with rubber expanding drum. Prices listed for Aluminum Oxide & Silicon Carbide.
  • Rotofinishers and Mandrels Rotofinishers and Mandrels
    Abrasive Rotofinishers are used for deburring and finishing of inside tube diameters. Available in grit range 80 to 320. J TYPE - Angle cut for faster entry into tube or cylinder S TYPE - Straight type for general tube deburring and finishing Minimum order 100 pcs. per specification. Contact us for pricing and availability.
  • Slashed Assemblies Slashed Assemblies
    Abrasive Slashed Assemblies consist of 4 strips of Silicon Carbide Waterproof Cloth Material slashed and cut into 10 or 16 inch lengths for brush backed polishing heads. 1/8” slash available. Contact us for pricing and availability, other grits, sizes and slash patterns available. 10" Lengths - 1 Set = 36 Assemblies 16" Lengths - 1 Set = 8 Assemblies
  • Abrasive Sheets Abrasive Sheets
    A/O Aluminum Oxide Cloth, A/O Aluminum Oxide Paper, Crocus Cloth, Emery Cloth, Screen Cloth, Silicon Carbide Searate, Silicon Carbide Waterproof
  • Abrasive Sanding Stars Abrasive Sanding Stars
    Abrasive Sanding Stars.sanding stars for sanding, scuffing, blending wood or metal replacing hand sanding on contoured or molded parts
  • Sanding Sponges Sanding Sponges
    4 Sided Block - A/O Abrasive Sanding Sponges are ideal for sanding a variety of surfaces including wood, plastic, drywall and metal, are easy to hold and can be used wet or dry. Double Sided Block - A/O This abrasive sponge is extremely flexible. A first choice for sanding irregular shapes, curves and contoured surfaces and can be used wet or dry. Hiflex Pads - A/O Coated one side. Flexible and versatile. Use wet or dry.
  • Abrasive Sanding Belts Abrasive Sanding Belts
    Abrasive Sanding Belts, Aluminum Oxide, Ceramic, Silicon Carbide,Surface Conditioning, Zirconia in all widths and lengths
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Abrasive Discs PSA Resin Fibre Trim Flap ID 994-
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Abrasive Finishing Sticks, Wheel and Belt Cleaning Sticks
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Grinding Wheels Tool Room Vitrified
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Precision Sine and Cross Feed Grinding Wheel Dresser ID 822-
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PSA Resin Cloth, Talon Discs, Grit-Sticks. Holders ID 893-
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Rubberized Abrasive Wheels, Points, Blocks, Sticks, Discs and Kits
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