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Diamond Polycrystalline Tipped Tools

"PCD" tools consist of a layer of Man Made* diamond crystals bonded to each other and to a cemented carbide substance.

This combination of tool materials is possible through a sophisticated high temperature / high pressure process.

*Random orientation of the diamond crystals means hardness and abrasion resistance are uniformly high in all directions.

*Crystal to crystal bonding of the diamond layer significantly reduces the chance of gross fracture under impact.

*The tungsten carbide substrate provides strong support for the diamond layer to further increase impact resistance.

*The diamond layer is flush with the substrate (no overhang) to expedite tool fabrication.

*The diamond controlled manufacturing process means physical properties are very consistent from blank to blank.

CDTooling PCD Tipped Tools have achieved impressive results machining a wide range of non-ferrous metals and nonmetallic materials:?

Nonferrous Metals:

Aluminum alloys
Silicon-aluminum alloys
Brass and bronze alloys
Copper alloys
Zinc alloys
Magnesium alloys
Presintered tungsten carbide
Sintered tungsten carbide

Nonmetallic Materials:

Epoxy resins
Fiberglass composits
Hard rubber
Ceramics (unfired)

"PCD" tools have significant performance advantages over cemented tungsten carbide tools. Typical improvements include tool life, better control over part sizes and surface finishes, greatly reduced cost per machine part, and dramatically higher machine productivity.

"PCD" tools are also replacing tools made with single crystal natural diamond...particularly where impact is high due to interrupted cuts. Significant performance increases are seen over the life of several tools because the properties of "PCD" tools are much more consistent then natural diamond tools. Also, of course, natural diamond tools are much more susceptible to accidental impact damage.

  • Polycrystalline Diamond Tipped End Mills Polycrystalline Diamond Tipped End Mills
    “TFC” Thick Film CVD diamond End Mills extreme consistent hardness that its wear properties are anywhere from 2 to 10x that of PCD with 20% faster Cutting. The extreme sharpness and the pure diamond cutting edge avoids chemical interactions with materials or cutting fluids which eliminates failures.
  • PCD TFC Tipped Insert Select Program PCD TFC Tipped Insert Select Program
    PCD Tipped Inserts with revolutionary 3D chipbreaking technology for the machining of non-ferrous materials. Through the use of advanced proprietary technology, true 3D PCD chipbreaker forms are produced at the cutting point of the PCD segment. The performance results of this dramatic innovation, which is available in roughing and finishing forms, are unsurpassed chip control and dramatically increased tool life. The higher shear angles integrated within the chipbreaker produces lower cutting pressures and less heat expansion of the workpiece. Machining dynamic is precise dimensional accuracy, eliminatng the need for secondary operatons while both increasing productvity and reducing operatng costs. The controlled short chips coming of the workpiece allow for uninterrupted producton runs and practcally eliminates costly maintenance stoppages traditonally required when clearing machines of long uncontrolled swarf.
  • PCD Brazed Turning Tools PCD Brazed Turning Tools
    A standard line of PCD turning tools. These tools have a synthetic diamond tip and can provide up to hundreds of times the tool life of standard carbide tools. They can be used at high production speeds on nonferrous and nonmetallic materials such as copper, aluminum, fiberglass, sintered ceramics, plastics, carbide and carbon.
  • Boring Bars Boring Bars
    A selection of PCD (Polycrystalline tipped Diamond) Boring Bars. For non ferrous and abrasive materials, Aluminum, Ceramic, Fibre Glass, Graphite,Plastics,PVC ect. With and without coolant through feed
  • Router Bits PCD Tipped Router Bits PCD Tipped
    PCD Pollycrystalline Diamond Router Bits provides excellent wear resistance in abrasive materials.
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PCD Tipped Stop Countersink, Polycrystalline Diamond 80 90 100 degree
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PCD Tipped Drill Bit Polycrystalline Tipped Twist Drill .125-.562 ID 1574-
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PCD Tipped Saw Blades
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