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Live and Dead Centers Premium Quality ID 657-

Part Number:657-
Live and Dead Centers Premium Quality ID 657-
Lathe Live Centers Dead Centers , Interchangeable anvil


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Live and Dead Centers Premium Quality ID 657-

A dead center (one that does not turn freely, i.e., dead) may be used to support the work piece at either the fixed or rotating end of the machine.
 When used in the fixed position, a dead center produces friction between the work piece and center, due to the rotation of the work piece.
is therefore required between the center and work piece to prevent friction welding from occurring. Additionally the tip of the center may have an insert
 of cemented carbide which will reduce the friction slightly and allow for faster speeds. Dead centers are typically fully hardened to prevent damage to
 the important mating surfaces of the taper and to preserve the 60° angle of the nose. As tungsten carbide is much harder than steel a carbide-tipped
center has greater wear resistance than a solid steel center.
Soft center

Soft centers are a special version of the dead center in which the nose is deliberately left soft (unhardened) so that it may be readily machined to the
 correct angle prior to usage. This operation is performed on the headstock center to ensure that the center's axis is aligned with the spindle's axis.
Live or revolving center

A live center or revolving center is constructed so that the 60° center runs in its own bearings and is used at the non-driven or tailstock end of a machine.
It allows higher turning speeds without the need for separate lubrication, and also greater clamping pressures. CNC lathes use this type of center almost
and they may be used for general machining operations as well. Spring-loaded live centers are designed to compensate for center variations, without damage
 to the work piece or center tip. This assures the operator of uniform constant tension while machining. Some live centers also have interchangeable shafts.
This is valuable when situations require a design other than a 60° male tip.
Pipe center

A pipe center, also known as a bull nose center is a type of live center which has a large diameter conical nose rather than a sharp point.
This allows the center to be used in the bore of a pipe or other workpiece with a large interior diameter. While a pipe center ensures the work piece remains concentric,
 its main advantage is that it supports the work piece securely, and can be used for parts whose larger inner diameter prevents the use of a normal pointed center.
Thin-walled material such as pipes easily collapses if excessive force is used at the chuck end,
Cup center
Live & Dead Centers

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