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BT30 BT40 BT50 V Flange Rotary Tooling

Part Number:627-
BT30 BT40 BT50 V Flange Rotary Tooling


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BT30 BT40 BT50 V FlangeTooling
Milling Chuck Collets & Pull Studs

Feature 10

3-179-302 BT30 3/16x2.36in, EM Holder
3-179-304 BT30 1/4x2.36in, EM Holder
3-179-306 BT30 5/16x2.36in, EM Holder
3-179-311 BT30 3/8x2.36in, EM Holder
3-179-315 BT30 7/16x2.36in, EM Holder
3-179-321 BT30 1/2x2.36in, EM Holder
3-179-331 BT30 5/8x2.36in, EM Holder
3-179-341 BT30 3/4x3in, EM Holder
3-179-362 BT30 1x3.5in EM Holder
3-179-400 BT40 1/8x2.5in, EM Holder
3-179-402 BT40 3/16x2.5in, EM Holder
3-179-404 BT40 1/4x2.5in, EM Holder
3-179-406 BT40 1/4x4in, EM Holder
3-179-407 BT40 5/16x2.5in, EM Holder
3-179-411 BT40 3/8x2.5in, EM Holder
3-179-415 BT40 3/8x4in, EM Holder
3-179-418 BT40 7/16x2.5in, EM Holder
3-179-421 BT40 1/2x2.5in, EM Holder
3-179-425 BT40 1/2x4.5in, EM Holder
3-179-431 BT40 5/8x2.5in, EM Holder
3-179-435 BT40 5/8x4in, EM Holder
3-179-441 BT40 3/4x2.5in, EM Holder
3-179-445 BT40 3/4x4in, EM Holder
3-179-461 BT40 1.0x3.56in, EM Holder
3-179-465 BT40 1.0x6in, EM Holder
3-179-475 BT40 1-1/4x3.56in, EM Holder
3-179-480 BT40 1-1/4x6in, EM Holder
3-179-482 BT40 1-1/2x3.56in, EM Holder
3-179-484 BT40 1-1/2x6in, EM Holder
3-179-500 BT50 1/4x3in, EM Holder
3-179-511 BT50 3/8x2.75in, EM Holder
3-179-521 BT50 1/2x3in, EM Holder
3-179-531 BT50 5/8x3in, EM Holder
3-179-541 BT50 3/4x3in, EM Holder
3-179-561 BT50 1x4.5in, EM Holder
3-179-566 BT50 1x6in, EM Holder
3-179-571 BT50 1-1/4x4.5in, EM Holder
3-179-576 BT50 1-1/4x6in, EM Holder
3-179-581 BT50 1-1/2x4.5in, EM Holder
3-179-586 BT50 1-1/2x6in, EM Holder
3-179-591 BT50 2x6in, EM Holder
7-179-402 BT40 E/M Holder, 3/16x2.1/2
7-179-404 BT40 E/M Holder, 1/4x2.1/2
7-179-407 BT40 E/M Holder, 5/16x2.1/2
7-179-411 BT40 E/M Holder, 3/8x2.1/2
7-179-415 BT40 E/M Holder, 3/8x4
7-179-421 BT40 E/M Holder, 1/2x2.1/2
7-179-425 BT40 E/M Holder, 1/2x4
7-179-431 BT40 E/M Holder, 5/8x2.1/2
7-179-435 BT40 E/M Holder, 5/8x4
7-179-441 BT40 E/M Holder, 3/4x2.1/2
7-179-445 BT40 E/M Holder, 3/4x4
7-179-451 BT40 E/M Holder, 7/8x3.1/2
7-179-461 BT40 E/M Holder, 1x3.1/2
7-179-465 BT40 E/M Holder, 1x5
7-179-475 BT40 E/M Holder, 1.1/4x4
7-179-511 BT50 E/M Holder, 3/8x3
7-179-521 BT50 E/M Holder, 1/2x3
7-179-531 BT50 E/M Holder, 5/8x3
7-179-541 BT50 E/M Holder, 3/4x3
7-179-561 BT50 E/M Holder, 1x4
7-179-571 BT50 E/M Holder, 1.1/4x4
7-179-581 BT50 E/M Holder, 1.1/2x4
7-179-591 BT50 E/M Holder, 2x5
3-321-003 BT30 C20x3.14 Power MillingChuck
3-321-006 BT40 C20x3.93 Power MillingChuck
3-321-007 BT40 C20x5.31 Power MillingChuck
3-321-010 BT40 C32x4.13 Power MillingChuck
3-321-012 BT50 C20x4.13 Power MillingChuck
3-321-014 BT50 C32x4.33 Power MillingChuck
3-176-303 BT30 3/4x1.18in, Shell Mill Arbor
3-176-307 BT30 1x1.77in, Shell Mill Arbor
3-176-310 BT30 1-1/4x1.77in, Shell Mill Arbor
3-176-404 BT40 3/4x1in, Shell Mill Arbor
3-176-405 BT40 3/4x4.0in, Shell Mill Arbor
3-176-406 BT40 3/4x6.0in, Shell Mill Arbor
3-176-407 BT40 1x1.77in, Shell Mill Arbor
3-176-408 BT40 1x3.54in, Shell Mill Arbor
3-176-409 BT40 1-1/4x1.77in, Shell Mill Arbor
3-176-410 BT40 1-1/4x4in, Shell Mill Arbor
3-176-411 BT40 1-1/2x2.36in, Shell Mill Arbor
3-176-515 BT50 1x1.77in, Shell Mill Arbor
3-176-521 BT50 1-1/4x1.77in, Shell Mill Arbor
3-176-527 BT50 1-1/2x1.77in, Shell Mill Arbor
3-176-533 BT50 2x2.95in, Shell Mill Arbor
7-176-403 BT40 Shell E/M Adapter, 1/2x1.3/4
7-176-405 BT40 Shell E/M Adapter, 3/4x2
7-176-407 BT40 Shell E/M Adapter, 1x2
7-176-409 BT40 Shell E/M Adapter, 1-1/4x2-1/4
7-176-411 BT40 Shell E/M Adapter, 1-1/2x2-1/4
7-176-509 BT50 Shell E/M Adapter, 3/4x2-1/4
7-176-511 BT50 Shell E/M Adapter, 3/4x6
7-176-515 BT50 Shell E/M Adapter, 1x2-1/4
7-176-517 BT50 Shell E/M Adapter, 1x4
7-176-519 BT50 Shell E/M Adapter, 1x6
7-176-521 BT50 Shell E/M Adapter, 1-1/4x2
7-176-523 BT50 Shell E/M Adapter, 1-1/4x4
7-176-525 BT50 Shell E/M Adapter, 1-1/4x6
7-176-527 BT50 Shell E/M Adapter, 1-1/2x2
7-176-529 BT50 Shell E/M Adapter, 1-1/2x4
7-176-531 BT50 Shell E/M Adapter, 1-1/2x6
7-176-533 BT50 Shell E/M Adapter, 2x2-1/2
7-176-535 BT50 Shell E/M Adapter, 2x4
3-174-307 BT30 5/16in-2.95 Integral Drill Chuck
3-174-310 BT30 1/2in-3.94 Integral Drill Chuck
3-174-408 BT40 5/16in-3.35 Integral Drill Chuck
3-174-433 BT40 1/2in-3.74 Integral Drill Chuck
3-174-434 BT40 1/2in-5.12 Integral Drill Chuck
3-174-435 BT40 1/2in-5.91 Integral Drill Chuck
3-174-436 BT40 5/8in-4.72 Integral Drill Chuck
3-174-563 BT50 1/2in-4.33 Integral Drill Chuck
3-174-564 BT50 1/2in-5.91 Integral Drill Chuck
3-174-565 BT50 5/8in-4.33 Integral Drill Chuck
3-174-566 BT50 5/8in-5.12 Integral Drill Chuck
3-174-567 BT50 5/8in-5.71 Integral Drill Chuck
3-178-130 BT40 ER32 1.42in, Short
3-178-306 BT30 ER16 2.36in,Collet Chuck
3-178-307 BT30 ER16 2.76in ,Collet Chuck
3-178-309 BT30 ER16 3.54in,Collet Chuck
3-178-312 BT30 ER16 4.72in,Collet Chuck
3-178-319 BT30 ER16 3.94in,Collet Chuck
3-178-320 BT30 ER20 2.50in,Collet Chuck
3-178-321 BT30 ER20 2.76in,Collet Chuck
3-178-322 BT30 ER20 5.31inCollet Chuck
3-178-325 BT30 ER25 2.36in,Collet Chuck
3-178-326 BT30 ER32 2.36in,Collet Chuck
3-178-327 BT30 ER25 2.76in,Collet Chuck
3-178-328 BT30 ER25 3.54in,Collet Chuck
3-178-329 BT30 ER25 5.31in,Collet Chuck
3-178-332 BT30 ER32 2.76in,Collet Chuck
3-178-336 BT30 ER32 3.94in,Collet Chuck
3-178-348 BT30 ER40 3.15in,Collet Chuck
3-178-412 BT40 ER16 2.76in,Collet Chuck
3-178-414 BT40 ER16 3.94in,Collet Chuck
3-178-416 BT40 ER16 4.92in,Collet Chuck
3-178-418 BT40 ER16 5.91in,Collet Chuck
3-178-419 BT40 ER16 7.09in,Collet Chuck
3-178-421 BT40 ER20 2.76in,Collet Chuck
3-178-422 BT40 ER20 3.94in,Collet Chuck
3-178-423 BT40 ER20 5.31in,Collet Chuck
3-178-425 BT40 ER25 2.76in,Collet Chuck
3-178-426 BT40 ER25 3.94in,Collet Chuck
3-178-427 BT40 ER25 5.91in,Collet Chuck
3-178-432 BT40 ER32 2.76in,Collet Chuck
3-178-434 BT40 ER32 3.94in,Collet Chuck
3-178-436 BT40 ER32 5.91in,Collet Chuck
3-178-442 BT40 ER40 3.15in,Collet Chuck
3-178-444 BT40 ER40 3.94in,Collet Chuck
3-178-446 BT40 ER20 5.91in,Collet Chuck
3-178-448 BT40 ER40 5.91in,Collet Chuck
3-178-510 BT50 ER16 2.76in,Collet Chuck
3-178-512 BT50 ER16 3.54in,Collet Chuck
3-178-514 BT50 ER16 4.13in,Collet Chuck
3-178-515 BT50 ER16 5.31in,Collet Chuck
3-178-516 BT50 ER16 5.91in,Collet Chuck
3-178-520 BT50 ER20 3.54in,Collet Chuck
3-178-521 BT50 ER20 4.13in,Collet Chuck
3-178-522 BT50 ER20 5.31in,Collet Chuck
3-178-523 BT50 ER20 6.50in,Collet Chuck
3-178-524 BT50 ER20 7.87in,Collet Chuck
3-178-525 BT50 ER25 4.13in,Collet Chuck
3-178-526 BT50 ER25 4.72in,Collet Chuck
3-178-527 BT50 ER25 5.31in,Collet Chuck
3-178-528 BT50 ER25 6.50in,Collet Chuck
3-178-529 BT50 ER25 7.87in,Collet Chuck
3-178-532 BT50 ER32 3.15in,Collet Chuck
3-178-534 BT50 ER32 4.72in,Collet Chuck
3-178-535 BT50 ER32 5.91in,Collet Chuck
3-178-542 BT50 ER40 3.15in,Collet Chuck
3-178-544 BT50 ER40 5.31in,Collet Chuck
3-178-546 BT50 ER40 6.89in,Collet Chuck
3-178-548 BT50 ER40 7.68in,Collet Chuck
3-178-549 BT50 ER50 3.54in,Collet Chuck
7-178-414 BT40 ER16 Collet Chuck, 3.94in
7-178-416 BT40 ER16 Collet Chuck, 5.91in
7-178-425 BT40 ER25 Collet Chuck, 2.36in
7-178-432 BT40 ER32 Collet Chuck, 2.75in
7-178-434 BT40 ER32 Collet Chuck, 4in
7-178-436 BT40 ER32 Collet Chuck, 6in
7-178-442 BT40 ER40 Collet Chuck, 2.75in
7-178-444 BT40 ER40 Collet Chuck, 4in
7-178-446 BT40 ER40 Collet Chuck, 6in
7-178-449 BT40 ER40 Collet Chuck, 2.75in 17PcSet
7-178-514 BT50 ER16 Collet Chuck, 3.94in
7-178-516 BT50 ER16 Collet Chuck, 5.91in
7-178-532 BT50 ER32 Collet Chuck, 2.75in
7-178-542 BT50 ER40 Collet Chuck, 3.15in
7-178-549 BT50 ER40 Collet Chuck, 3.15 17PcSt
7-178-816 Hex Nut for ER16 Collet Chuck
7-178-916 Hex Nut Wrench for ER16 Collet Chuck
7-177-415 BT-Flnge DA Coll Chck,40xDa-180x2.75
7-177-424 BT-Flange DA Coll.Chuck,40xDa-180x4
7-172-401 BT40 TG75 Collet Chuck, 3in
7-172-403 BT40 TG100 Collet Chck, 3in
7-172-405 BT40 TG100 Collet Chuck, 5in
7-172-407 BT40 TG100 Collet Chuck, 7in
7-172-503 BT50 TG100 Collet Chuck, 3.5in
7-172-505 BT50 TG100 Collet Chuck, 5.5in
7-175-302 BT30 to JT2 Adapter
7-175-303 BT30 to JT3 Adapter
7-175-333 BT30 to JT33 Adapter
7-175-402 BT40 to JT2 Adapter
7-175-403 BT40 to JT3 Adapter
7-175-404 BT40 to JT4 Adapter
7-175-406 BT40 to JT6 Adapter
7-175-433 BT40 to JT33 Adapter
7-175-503 BT50 to JT3 Adapter
7-175-504 BT50 to JT4 Adapter
7-175-506 BT50 to JT6 Adapter
7-175-533 BT50 to JT33 Adapter
7-173-401 BT40 to MT1 Adapter
7-173-402 BT40 to MT2 Adapter
7-173-403 BT40 to MT3 Adapter
7-173-404 BT40 to MT4 Adapter
7-173-502 BT50 to MT2 Adapter
7-173-503 BT50 to MT3 Adapter
7-173-504 BT50 to MT4 Adapter
7-173-505 BT50 to MT5 Adapter
3-171-8100 Straight Collet C20-6
3-171-8108 Straight Collet C20-8
3-171-8110 Straight Collet C20-10
3-171-8112 Straight Collet C20-12
3-171-8114 Straight Collet C20-14
3-171-8115 Straight Collet C20-15
3-171-8116 Straight Collet C20-16
3-171-8200 Straight Collet C3/4-3/16
3-171-8204 Straight Collet C3/4-1/4
3-171-8208 Straight Collet C3/4-5/16
3-171-8212 Straight Collet C3/4-3/8
3-171-8216 Straight Collet C3/4-1/2
3-171-8218 Straight Collet C3/4-5/8
3-171-8304 Straight Collet C32-4
3-171-8305 Straight Collet C32-5
3-171-8306 Straight Collet C32-6
3-171-8308 Straight Collet C32-8
3-171-8310 Straight Collet C32-10
3-171-8312 Straight Collet C32-12
3-171-8314 Straight Collet C32-14
3-171-8316 Straight Collet C32-16
3-171-8318 Straight Collet C32-18
3-171-8320 Straight Collet C32-20
3-171-8322 Straight Collet C32-22
3-171-8325 Straight Collet C32-25
3-171-8404 Straight Collet C42-4
3-171-8405 Straight Collet C42-5
3-171-8406 Straight Collet C42-6
3-171-8408 Straight Collet C42-8
3-171-8410 Straight Collet C42-10
3-171-8412 Straight Collet C42-12
3-171-8414 Straight Collet C42-14
3-171-8416 Straight Collet C42-16
3-171-8418 Straight Collet C42-18
3-171-8420 Straight Collet C42-20
3-171-8422 Straight Collet C42-22
3-171-8425 Straight Collet C42-25
3-171-8432 Straight Collet C42-32
3-171-8502 Straight Collet C1 1/4-3/16
3-171-8504 Straight Collet C1 1/4-1/4
3-171-8506 Straight Collet C1 1/4-5/16
3-171-8508 Straight Collet C1 1/4-3/8
3-171-8510 Straight Collet C1 1/4-1/2
3-171-8512 Straight Collet C1 1/4-5/8
3-171-8514 Straight Collet C1 1/4-3/4
3-171-8516 Straight Collet C1 1/4-7/8
3-171-8518 Straight Collet C1 1/4-1"
3-171-8525 Straight Collet C1-1/4
3-171-8530 Straight Collet C1-3/16
3-171-8532 Straight Collet C1-5/16
3-171-8537 Straight Collet C1-3/8
3-171-8550 Straight Collet C1-1/2
3-171-8563 Straight Collet C1-5/8
3-171-8575 Straight Collet C1-3/4
3-793-402 Retention Knob  BT30 45d   metric, solid
3-793-404 Retention Knob  BT40 45d   metric, solid
3-793-406 Retention Knob  BT40 45d   metric, solid
3-793-410 Retention Knob  BT50 45d   metric, solid
3-793-412 Retention Knob  BT30 60d   metric, solid
3-793-414 Retention Knob  BT40 60d   metric, solid
3-793-416 Retention Knob  BT50 60d   metric, solid
3-793-418 Retention Knob  BT30 90d   metric, solid
3-793-420 Retention Knob  BT40 90d   metric, solid
3-793-422 Retention Knob  BT50 90d   metric, solid
3-793-426 Ret. Knob  BT40 45d metric,Coolant
3-793-428 Ret. Knob  BT40 60d metric,Coolant
3-793-430 Ret. Knob  BT40 90d metric,Coolant
3-793-432 Ret. Knob  BT50 45d metric,Coolant
3-793-434 Ret. Knob  BT50 60d metric,Coolant
3-793-436 Ret. Knob  BT50 90d metric,Coolant

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