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Precision Granite Products

CDTooling products are carefully manufactured to meet the exacting specifications of today’s high-technology industry.  We offer a complete selection of granite surface plates, steel support stands, and accessories, with substantial inventories of finished products on hand at all times to insure prompt delivery. Surface Plates,Stands,Tri-Squares, Master Squares, Angle Plates, Inserted Angle Plates, Riser Blocks, V-Blocks, Straight Edges, Parallels, Comparator Stands, 1-2-3 Blocks, Cases, Covers & Cleaner, Custom Bases Machining
  • Angle Plated Black Granite Angle Plated Black Granite
    Angle Plated Black Granite, 2 Face, 4 Face, Grade AA Laboratory Grade AA, Inspection Grade A and Inserted Angle Plates. Threaded inserts for clamping are located on the other main face.
  • Comparator Stands c/w Granite Plates Comparator Stands c/w Granite Plates
    COMPARATOR STAND WITH SPECIAL 10” POST & CLAMP Includes 1.365" dia. x 10" high column with Special clamp Approx 4.75" throat clearance measured from column to center line of indicator stem Special clamp with fine adjustment accepts stem drop indicators Special column not available for 8” x 12” or smaller
  • Master Squares Granite Master Squares Granite
    One large face & four edges flat, square & parallel to each other with lightening holes All granite products available in custom sizes and thickness, with threaded inserts, or without lightening holes
  • Surface Plates Granite Surface Plates Granite
    CDTooling granite surface plates provide an accurate reference plane for work inspection and for work layout. Their high degree of flatness, overall quality and workmanship also make them ideal bases for mounting sophisticated mechanical, electronic and optical gauging systems. The size and capacity of our modern facility allows us to manufacture to nearly any custom requirement. All of the granite we use has been carefully measured to establish the modulus of elasticity, allowing us to comply and exceed federal specifications and user requirements. Our granite surface plates are manufactured in three ledge types as well as standard sizes and grades. Plates that have ledges are used for clamping purposes only.
  • Tri-Square Triangular Squares Tri-Square Triangular Squares
    Tri-Square Black Granite Three Squares One large face and two edges flat and square to each other Calibrates X, Y, Z axes on CNC machines Milling machines Coordinate measuring machines
  • Vee Blocks Granite Vee Blocks Granite
    "V & base" have nominal 90° Vee centered with and parallel to base. "Universals" have nominal 90° Vee centered with and parallel to base with two sides and two ends square and parallel to each other. Sold in matched pairs. Single units available upon request.
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