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Cutting Tools, High Speed Steel, Cobalt

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  • Broach, Steel Cutting Broach Broach, Steel Cutting Broach
    A wide variety of products including the most popular combinations of Keyway Broaches and Bushings in our Keyway Sets, Individual Keyway Push Broaches, One-Pass Keyway Broaches, Production Style Keyway Broaches, Internal Hole Broaches for cutting Standard Square holes, Full Square holes, Hexagon holes, and Round holes. Also available from stock or short delivery Keyseating Broaches, and Industry Standard Pull-Type Keyway Broaches in both 500 and 600 Series as well as Special Design and Application Broaches from non-standard sized keyways and internal hole Broaches to application specific tooling.
  • Chamfering De-burring Forming Cutters Chamfering De-burring Forming Cutters
    Inside and Outside De-burring Cutters have a real shearing action and are designed for instantaneous removal of the cutoff burrs. CHAMFERING MILLS are offered in both 30 and 45 angles and rounded Form. DRESSING CUTTERS are ideal for frequent, quick, sizing. used to form ends on rods, wire parts, etc.
  • Counterbores Counterbores
    An Extensive Selection of High Speed Steel and Cobalt Counterbores ready to ship. Buy your Aircraft, Cap Screw, Fillister Head, Interchangeable Pilot Counterbores from CDTooling on line or call for technical assistance. One stop shopping for your counterboring requirements
  • Countersinks Countersinks
    An Extensive Selection of Countersinks 60 - 82 - 90 - 100 - 120 Degree High Speed Steel and Cobalt Countersinks. Single, 2 - 3 - 4 - 6 Flute as well as Cross hole Zero Flute Countersinking Applications
  • Drill Bits Drill Bits
    CDTooling offers a vast range of High Speed Steel, Cobalt and Powder Metal Drill Bits. Straight Shank, Taper Shank, Stub Regular Long and Extra Length, Stub & Spotting, Solid and Coolant Through Drill bits in metric and inc sizes for your most demanding applications. Special Drill available with fast Delivery
  • End Mills End Mills
    CDTooling offer a extensive range of High Speed Steel, Cobalt and Powder Metal End Mills for your most demanding application, We have 2-3-4-6-8 flute. In Stub Regular Long Extra Long Single end And Double End, Ball, Bull, Radius, Square, Corner Rounding, Convex and Concave Cutters
  • Indexable Inserts T15 High Speed Steel Indexable Inserts T15 High Speed Steel
    CDTooling Indexable Inserts T15 High Speed Steel inserts may be the answer to many machining problems where other materials fail by chipping or breakage. High Speed Steel performs at slow surface speeds while providing a good surface finish, without chipping or breaking. This is in part because High Speed Steel inserts cut rather than fracture the metal like other materials.
  • Milling Cutter, with Arbor Hole Milling Cutter, with Arbor Hole
    Side Milling Cutters, Cutters can be ganged or used as straddle mills. Two different keyway locations permit interlocking. Cutters marked A and B will interlock when hubs are ground. We have the largest and most varied range of sizes
  • Milling Cutter, with Shank Arbor Milling Cutter, with Shank Arbor
    An extensive selection of CDTooling Keyseat, Decimal Width Slotting,Deep Slotting,Dovetail,T-Slot,Chamfer,Concave & Convex Radius Cutters,Corner Round Milling cutters with shanks
  • Milling Cutter, Saws,Slitting,Slotting Milling Cutter, Saws,Slitting,Slotting
    Saws, Cut Off, Plain Slitting, Jewelers, Metal Slitting, Riser Slotting, Screw Slotting. Available with Plain tooth, Side Chip Clearance, Staggered Tooth, Custom Ground. Saw Arbors and support washers
  • Reamers Reamers
    An Extensive Variety of High Speed Steel and Cobalt Reamers ready to ship for all of your Reaming applications. Adjustable Blade, Aligning,Ball Joint, Bridge, Car, Center, Chucking, Expansion, Gilchrist, Hand, King Pin, Long Forcing Cone, Model MB, Morse Taper, Motorcycle,Pin, Repairman, Rose Pilot, Shell, Spiral Valve Guide, Taper Pin, Taper Pipe, Valve Guide Reamers.
  • Taps Threading Taps Threading
    An Extensive Supply of Standard and Special Pitch Taps. ISO Metric and ANSI Inch Sizes. Combo, Coolant Thru , Hand, Pipe, Spiral Flute, Spiral Point, Combination Drill and Tap. Material Specific and Multi Purpose.
  • Tool, Bits, Blanks, Blades, Flats, Rounds Tool, Bits, Blanks, Blades, Flats, Rounds
    A selection of Precision ground Tool Bits,Cut off, Flat Blanks,Part off Blades, Round Bits, High Speed Steel,A-2, M-2, M3, M34, M-43, T-15. Powdered Metal and High Speed Steel Specialties
  • Hollow Mills H.S.S. Hollow Mills H.S.S.
    Hollow Mill High Speed Steel For machining outside diameters such as studs and recesses in castings. Size range available in imperial and metric from 3/32" to 1" and 3.00 to 16.00 mm
  • Port Contour Cutters HSS Port Contour Cutters HSS
    Straight Shank SAE Port Contour Cutters, Taper Shank SAE Port Contour Cutters, Extra Long Reamer Taper Shank SAE Port Contour Cutters, Straight Shank SAE Short Port Contour Cutters Straight Shank Metric Port Contour Cutters Straight Shank MS33649 Port Contour Cutters Straight Shank AND10050 Port Contour Cutters Custom Contour Cutters
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