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Rubberized Abrasive Wheels, Points, Blocks, Sticks, Discs and Kits

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Rubberized Abrasive Wheels, Points, Blocks, Sticks, Discs and Kits
Rubberized Abrasive Points Blocks Sticks Wheels Points
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Rubberized Abrasive Wheels, Points, Blocks, Sticks, Discs and Kits


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Rubberized Abrasives, is scientifically compounded, blended with electrically fused abrasive particles and other selected materials, while still in a semi-fluid state, it is molded under 3,000 lbs. per square inch pressure into wheels, blocks, sticks and cones; then tempered and seasoned to reach a firm, tough, yet resilient texture.

The abrasives in this product are evenly distributed to ensure even wear - new abrasive particles being constanly and uniformly exposed. It is therefore, much more versatile than either a grind or a buff - in many instances, it can complete the Burring, Finishing and Polishing in one operation - eliminating finishing with set-up wheels - cutting work time and increasing production. It may safely be used where close tolerances must be held.

Some typical applications include: breaking edges, radiusing and polishing out high spots, removing rust, cleaning threads, smoothing the edges of punched or sheared metals, deflashing, smoothing and polishing molds, dies , and other production tools, sharpening and honing of cutting dies, blades and edged tools, removing corrosion, excess solder, heat marks, cleaning and polishing contact points, jacks, electrodes, removing tool marks, scratches, light burrs, and fins, blending in welded seams after rough grinding, engine turning, damaskeening, polishing engine ports, shafts, turbine blades, smoothing glass edges, jewelry finishing, gem stone sanding and many others.

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