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Carbide Round Tools

An Extensive supply of Premium Quality Round Solid And Coolant Fed Carbide Tooling. Our Complete range of tooling includes but is not limited to Blanks, Boring Bars, Burrs, Counterbores, Countersinks, Drills, End Mills, Milling Cutters, Pre-form Blanks Reamers, Routers, Saws,. All of your Carbide requirements available in a one stop shop
  • Boring Bars Boring Bars
    Carbide Boring, Solid and Coolant Fed, Boring, Chamfering, Profiling, Face Grooving, Grooving and Threading Individual Bars and Boring Bar Sets
  • Chamfer Cutting End Mill Cutters Chamfer Cutting End Mill Cutters
    A variety of different chamfering features with our Carbide Chamfer Cutter options. Available with multiple flutes and angles per side. A diverse selection for Angle Cutting, chamfering, coutersinking, deburring, and back chamfering
  • Burrs Carbide Burrs Carbide
    Carbide Burrs Non Ferrous Aluma Cut, Single Cut And Double Cut Carbide Burrs in all sizes and Shapes SA SB SC SD SE SF SG SH SM SN SL Standard and Special and long Shank
  • Counterbores and Countersinks Counterbores and Countersinks
    An extensive offering of Carbide Center Drills, Countersinks, Couterbores , Combined Drill and Countersinks. 60 82 90 100 120 degree angle of cut for all of your Countersinking, Counterboring and deburring applications. Individual Sizes and Sets
  • Drill Bits Drill Bits
    A complete supply of carbide drill bits in inch metric and decimal sizes. Solid carbide and coolant fed high performance drills for all of your hole making needs, 3x through 30x diameter drills ready to ship. Advanced coated drill bits and carbide drill bits for Less!
  • Engraving Tools Carbide Engraving Tools Carbide
    A large selection of Carbide Engraving tools and Marking Cutters, 30 40 60 90 120 Degree Included Angle. Standard Point,Fine Point,Soft Material, Chisel Style, Radius Tip, 2 flute,Stub Regular Long and Extra Long Length ready to ship from Inventory
  • End Mills End Mills
    A extensive range of carbide end mills ranging from 0.005" to 1.250" diameter in both Inch and Metric Diameters. Stub Length, Regular Length Long and Extra Long Lengths. TiN, TiCN, Tialn, AlTin, CrN, And Diamond Coatings. Standard, High Performance, Solid Carbide and Coolant Fed all ready to ship
  • Grooving Tools Carbide Grooving Tools Carbide
    An extensive selection of grooving tools foe all applications. External, Internal, Metric, Full Radius. O-ring, I,D, Chamfer, Thread Relief,O-Ring Dovetail, Thread Relief,Face Grooving, Full Radius,Deep Slotting,Full Radius Groove,Long Length,Quick Change, Multi Relief, Standard and Custom Tools
  • Micro Tools Drills End Mills Routers Micro Tools Drills End Mills Routers
    A Large of the shelf offering of Carbide Micro Tools. End Mills from 5 um to .125" Diameter, Carbide Drills from .002" to .125 Diameter. We also offer extremely fast delivery on special tools as well. Used in Aerospace, Die Molds, Medical, Micro-Robotics, Prototyping,Steel Rule and Engraving
  • Profile Tools Solid Carbide Profile Tools Solid Carbide
    A large selection of Carbide Profile Tools, External Profiling, Internal Profiling,Long Reach, Extra Long Shanks,Quick Change, Left Hand Right Hand, Fine point, Reverse Profile. All Shanks have lock Down Flat for quick change. Fast delivery on Modified Standards and made to print specials
  • Special Purpose Mill Cutters Special Purpose Mill Cutters
    An extensive selection of solid carbide milling cutters,Angle, Chamfer, Concave, Convex,Corner Round, Dovetail, Edge Breakers,Keyseat, Lolli Pop,Profile, Push Pull, Slotting Under Cutting, . Standard and Special Sizes available for quick delivery. Inch Metric Decimal Size with free delivery in the USA
  • Reamers Reamers
    A full range of solid carbide reamers. In stock carbide reamers in fractional dimensions starting at 1/32" through 1/2", from .028 through .513. In wire size, #1 through #70, in letter sizes A through Z, and in metric, 1.0mm through 13.00mm.
  • Routers Routers
    A complete supply of Carbide Burrs available in Single, Double, Diamond and Aluminum Cut and Carbide Routers For all Materials Aluminum, Metal, Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass And Plastics.
  • Saws Jewlers, Slotting Saws Jewlers, Slotting
    An extensive selection of Solid Carbide Circular Saw Blades,Cut off,Slotting Slitting,Screw Slotting, Jewelers, Joyal,Copper Notching and Slitting. Standard and Special Sizes
  • Taps Taps
    Carbide taps for high volume production was limited to materials such as brass, bronze and high silicon aluminum where abrasion was the cause of tool wear. The design required strength behind the cutting edge limiting the flute geometry and range of materials to be tapped. made from ultra fine-grain carbide with a high cobalt-content binder. This allows us to design taps with high shear cutting edges when needed to thread hard metal, Inconel and other materials. solid carbide taps up to 3/8” from our catalog, and above that size brazes carbide blades to HSS bodies up to 1 ½”. NPT and NPTF pipes sizes are available as well.
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